About Renaissance

The itinerary to true freedom and an enlightened future is through effective upbringing and quality education. We at Renaissance Academy have taken the initiative to provide such impactful education by providing the students with a platform where they not only learn with interest but also understand the practicality of their learning. The term ‘Renaissance’ depicts the rebirth and awakening of a child’s thinking buds. Renaissance nurtures a child’s mind and makes him/her think and relate things better. The students imbibe traditional values and modern concepts through established and learned faculties and through the digital platform that has taken this world to greater heights. 

Renaissance Academy was launched in 2014 with a commitment to empower its students through education. Our pedagogy is facilitated by dedicated educators who are trained to channelize their energy and resources towards children-centered qualitative learning. The teaching approach that we use in the classrooms is what sets us apart. We believe not in grasping but understanding facts by bringing them to life via activity-based learning and video-clips that have an everlasting impact on the kids. We intend to keep up the inquisitiveness of our students and broaden their horizons of imagination.

Our endeavour is to develop in our students the ability to think, analyze, and communicate effectively. Therefore, we focus on every facet of their development via extra-curricular activities, logic-based activities and regular competitions.  We continuously strive to provide our students with national and international exposure.

Our Vision

At Renaissance, we aim at preparing our students to become intellectually empowered and competent citizens who are ready to creatively make a difference wherever they go with their smallest footprints.

Our Motto

ll सा विद्या या विमुक्तये ll

Knowledge is that which liberates.

Arthaat, knowledge is the prime source to liberation. A free mind and soul is the supreme power that can be achieved only by independent and knowledgeable thinking. It is this freedom of thought that brings eternal success and peace into an individual’s life. We thus have the dream to empower our children through excellent education making them a pride of the human race.

Renaissance Academy

Baijnathpur, Balapar Road, Landmark - Omkar Ashram, Gorakhpur - 273001 (U.P.)



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